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Looking for Earthquake Preparedness Resources?

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity plannning involves prioritizing actions to take before, during, and after any disruption and resume critical functions, tasks, programs and services.  For more information, please contact uoem@uoregon.edu

 Emergency Preparedness Video

UOEMC partnered with the Emerald's Venture Department to create a fun, yes fun!, video about emergency preparedness with just three easy steps: Plan, Prepare, Practice!
(Click the picture or this link to watch it now)



 Duck-Cover-Hold: Earthquake Response Video Be prepared for earthquakes video

Stay safe during an earthquake.
The UO Duck can show you how!
Watch the "Duck, Cover, Hold" video:


The UO Emergency Management & Continuity Program (UOEMC) protects the University’s ability to meet its mission of teaching, research and public service that is vulnerable to any emergency resulting in the loss of vital resources such as buildings, equipment, infrastructure, technology, or personnel.

UOEMC manages, coordinates, and supports the extensive planning, training, and exercises necessary to enable the University to protect against, respond to, continue during, and recover from natural and human-caused emergencies. We employ an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary service-learning approach to leverage the University’s human resources (faculty, staff, and students) in support of a coordinated and collaborative program to systematically assess campus vulnerabilities and develop integrated solutions that make the University of Oregon more disaster resilient.

In addition, UOEMC communicates and collaborates, on the University’s behalf, with a broad and diverse group of emergency management partners including the City of Eugene, Lane County, the State of Oregon, federal agencies, the Pac 12 and other higher education institutions both nationally and internationally.


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